Our Safety Pledge

VarageSale is built for safety

VarageSale was started in 2012 by Tami Zuckerman, a mom who conceived of the platform as a safe way for families to buy and sell online. Millions of people rely on VarageSale to stretch their household budgets, buy items for a fraction of the retail price, and earn extra income. Our buy and sell app was created with personal safety in mind and it remains a core product value.

Our pledge

VarageSale is committed to prioritizing the safety of members buying and selling online using our platform. In the name of safety for all our members, WE PLEDGE:

  • To ensure that 100% of members will be manually reviewed. Every member will have a profile photo, name, and must be willing to meetup locally before they are approved to start buying and selling.
  • To have dedicated people moderating every local community.
  • To continue investing in systems filtering out spam on VarageSale.
  • To investigate suspicious activity and examine any reported frauds and scams within 24 hours.
  • To remove all prohibited items.
  • To stand up against bullying, intimidation and harassment. Any member who does not comply will have their account terminated.
  • To offer a dedicated 24-hour hotline to report safety concerns and suspicious activity.

Got something to report? Call the Safety Hotline!


As always, use of our platform is subject to our Terms of Service.

*In an emergency, call 911

What users say about us

Member quotes

VarageSale is a safe place to sell and buy without feeling creepy meeting up with total strangers on Craigslist. VS has given me a place to make that extra $$ when I need it for bills. It’s been a rough year and VS has come through many times with wonderful people. Thank you for all that you do!

Julie A., New Orleans

I love the fact that VarageSale has real people for admins. Love the rating system because it shows whether or not the buyer/seller is reliable. Also love that everyone is verified so you can check Facebook profiles before you decide to move forward with the transaction.

Jessica Y., Richmond Hill

Kijiji and letgo don't have the features and moderation capabilities that VarageSale does. I like the idea of keeping it community based and having a selection process to keep the less savoury people out. VarageSale is easily the best platform to use.

Kurtis K., Ajax/Pickering

I have tried all the sale sites and VarageSale is by far the safest I have used. VarageSale is monitored and the others don't seem to be. I absolutely love VarageSale. It is quite addictive.

Alisha W., Peoria

App reviews

Love this app by Margs721 (iOS)

So much easier than buy/sell groups on Facebook and way safer and less creepy than Craigslist!! Made a lot of money, spent a lot of money and met lots of nice people along the way. Highly recommend!

Love It by Mark Kruger (Android)

Lots of activity, only shows you people in the areas that you want to see, and best of all you can "praise" people who are good to work with. So I really like it over other buy/sell/trade apps because you can see who is reputable/reliable.



”Great app! Fantastic to deal with local people, more reliable than other buy & sell sites”


“@varagesale is great - buy and sell in your local community. Safer and better organized than Craigslist.”

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