VarageSale, Inc. Top Members Program Rules

(last updated: October 1st, 2015)

About Top Members

VarageSale, Inc. (“VarageSale”) wants to award members who meet certain criteria through our Top Members Program. There is no enrollment, subscription or other application requirements. If you are a VarageSale member and you meet the qualifications in any given period, you will automatically become a Top Member until the date of the next monthly review when your eligibility will be reassessed in accordance with the following terms.

Qualifying as a Top Member

Currently, to qualify as and remain a Top Member, you must:

  1. Be a current VarageSale member
  2. Have received at least 5 or more praises since joining
  3. Have received at least 1 new praise in the last full month
  4. Have had at least 5 completed transactions in the last full month with the buyer identified (ie. sales that are either made outside of VarageSale or do not have a buyer assigned to them are not included in the Top Member calculations).
  5. Remain an active member for the entire last full month (ie. Except when using the ‘vacation’ feature, you must login and reply within 7 days of another member expressing interest in one of your items via private message)

Top Member’s qualifications may vary from time to time without prior notice. If we change the qualification criteria, the new criteria will take effect as of the date we update this document. Your Top Member status, privileges and license to the Top Member Medal (see further below) may be removed if you fail to meet the qualification requirements in any assessment period including if your VarageSale account is suspended.

Members can review their performance history and eligibility status on the Top Members Progress Page.

Member Evaluations

Qualification as a Top Member is evaluated monthly usually on the first day of every calendar month at midnight Eastern Standard Time. If a VarageSale member meets the performance standards and other qualifications for the last month preceding the review date, then that VarageSale member will automatically become a Top Member for the qualification period. If a VarageSale Top Member fails to maintain the performance standards and other qualifications during any given month, that member’s status as a Top Member will lapse. VarageSale may, but is not obligated to, notify members of the removal of their Top Members status. Members who have had their Top Member status lapse may regain it in a subsequent month provided they meet the qualifications on the monthly review date.

Top Member Medal

If you qualify to become a Top Member, an icon representing a medal indicating your status as a Top Member will automatically be added to your VarageSale profile for as long as you continue to qualify. The Top Member Medal may not appear immediately on your profile but this does not impact your status and you will still be entitled to receive benefits provided to Top Members.

Intellectual Property Rights

Qualifying as a Top Member does not give you any ownership or other proprietary rights in the Top Member Medal or other VarageSale intellectual property, other than as provided in these Top Member Program Rules nor does it give you any automatic entitlement to prizes or specific benefits, some of which may be made available to a subset of Top Members. VarageSale retains all rights, title and interest in and to the Top Member Medal, trademark, and other protected materials.

No Endorsement

The Top Member Medal and status should not be viewed as an endorsement of any Top Member, nor guarantee or control the quality, safety, suitability, or conduct of any member, regardless of whether or not a member is a Top Member. If you qualify for the Top Member status, this means you’ve met our Top Members performance standards, which are measured by an automated system. It does not mean that VarageSale endorses, certifies or approves your item listings or you as a member. You remain entirely responsible for complying with applicable laws and for all your other obligations under our Terms of Service and related policies (Terms of Service).

Obligations of being a Top Member

We want members to be proud of their Top Member status, but please don’t:

VarageSale Terms of Service; Limitations of Liability

The Top Member Program and Top Member Rules are subject to the VarageSale Terms of Service and all of the limitations of liability and disclaimers in the Terms of Service apply to your use of the Top Members Medal and the Top Members Program more generally. You remain entirely responsible for complying with applicable laws and for all your other obligations under the Terms of Service. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that, in respect of the Top Members Program:

Updates to these Top Member Program Rules

We can update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on the VarageSale website, applications, or services, which are effective upon posting. By continuing to use VarageSale after we have posted a modification, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the updated terms. If the modified terms are not acceptable to you, you may simply choose to stop using VarageSale at any time. We also reserve the right to terminate the Top Member program at any time.